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Container Ephemere is a company specializing in the transformation of containers and custom-made manufacturing structure for event organization. Whether it is for a trade show, a temporary exhibition, street marketing, a road show, an event, a festival or a showroom, we accompany you from the design phase to the dismantling.

High standards of quality and an innovation-oriented approach:

Preliminary draft

    • Study of the exhibiting conditions
    • Cost analysis
    • Recommendations and proposals

Design / Creation / Technical Plans

    • Proposal of the artistic choice
    • Graphics proposal
    • Autocad technical plans

Manufacturing and transformation

    • Choice of the manufacturing strategy: transformation of a container or construction of a custom-made structure
    • Consultation of the best craftsmen and the subcontractors according to their relevance for the project
    • Respect of ecological and environmental steps


    • Choice of materials
    • Digital animation
    • Custom-made branding


    • Security plans management
    • Relations with the organizers and the authorities
    • Setting up of a technical direction
    • For international projects, choice of a bilingual team in the setup and in the dismantling