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Design & Concepts


Container Ephemere joined hands with pupils of the design school, Strate College, to work on new concepts of containers and custom-made structures to create trendy and design places not seen elsewhere. Every pupil chose a positioned brand from a particularly innovative sector and gave free rein to their imagination and their skills to carry their project through.


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A container is a box that we transform according to your tastes, your colors, your activity, your brand image, your use, your needs. To always go further, we draw many projects to put forward the potential of containers and custom-made structures for all the business sectors: cinema, TV, catering... These projects are born on a sheet of paper first and are then turned into 3D images. Some get the opportunity to be materialized.
If you have an original concept which requires containers or custom-made structures, we will be happy to accompany you and to display the multiple possibilities and actualize them.